Enersol Condom Inflation Burst Volume and Pressure Testing Equipment

With the growing demand for automation, efficiency and accuracy, Enersol Automated Inflation Systems (AIS) and Automated Unrolling Inflation Systems (AUIS) are fast and easy to operate.

Reliability has been a major consideration, and the hardware can easily be maintained by laboratory staff with minimal effort. The systems are designed in accordance with the requirements of ISO4074:2002/2014/2015, ISO23409:2011, WHO 2003/2010 Specification and other similar standards. The female condom test heads, and systems, are designed in-keeping with the requirements of WHO2012 female condom specification, ISO25841:2011/2014/2017 and the major female condom brands.

Over 150 units have been installed around the world in Australia, New Zealand, USA, England, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Iran, Botswana, South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The Enersol Automated Inflation System (AIS) is available in sets of 2 heads, 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads, 12 heads, 14 heads or 16 heads.

The Automated Unrolling Inflation System (AUIS) is also available in the same number of heads as the AIS, and Enersol will soon release a version that will support up to 12 test heads.

Both systems have automated operation, including auto lowering and raising of cabinet windows. The AIS has auto-lowering and raising test heads that lower after the technician manually unrolls the condom, and presses the button. The AUIS has a specially designed unrolling mechanism that auto-unrolls condoms onto the test head.

The systems are available in a range of cabinet sizes and testing capabilities, some of which can accommodate the testing of condoms with burst volumes up to 100L. Enersol can also design systems to test condoms with burst volumes over 100L, on request.

The AIS and AUIS are easy to calibrate. They come with the necessary calibration devices for pressure and volume. The systems are designed for a standard burst pressure up to 10kPa but can be supplied to test higher burst pressures, on request.

Below are videos for the AIS (left) and AUIS (right) in action.


Each new system is shipped with calibration devices, and calibration is straight forward. In-house calibration is made simple as the software includes a calibration module and takes the calibration into account when calculating test results. Some versions of the software also include uncertainties in the calibration module.


Test results are captured by ENERSOL software, so there is no need for the operator to write results thus reducing the need for checking data and the potential for operator error. Simply place a condom on the device, press a button and the measurement is taken, displayed on screen, saved and can be printed on paper.

The software can be provided with or without user controls. With the user controls, the software offers powerful security and data audit tracking features, and is designed to safeguard data integrity; these features are also invaluable for those who need to meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

The Enersol EInflation3 software was developed during with years of use in ENERSOL's own laboratory, and with the contributions of technical staff and of the company's many clients.

Enersol is quick to incorporate changes in all major standards into EInflation3 and the software is regularly updated with new features.

The stored data is in a form suitable for integration with results of other tests. In this way, data can be gathered from several tests to produce an integrated report on one lot of condoms.

The software records the reading for each test sample, and where appropriate it calculates the mean, minimum and maximum for the set. Pass/fail criteria entered by the operator allow the software to calculate and display the pass/fail status for each sample. Rounding requirements can also be entered.

Some features include:

  • Graphs and data are updated LIVE and as each condom bursts. The graphs are displayed in colour and can be exported as image files.
  • Two main modes of operation - Logging Single file analysis or Control Chart
  • Test conditions, rounding, limits and technician names can be entered once and selected by the technician when starting a new test. Test conditions, rounding and limits can be updated during the test or after completion.
  • Data is easily transferred to spreadsheet software. Some versions have an export function to CSV files for analysis in other programs such as spreadsheet software
  • Ability to monitor flow rate digitally
  • An Active test numbers box is displayed on screen during testing that shows the number of samples to test, number of valid samples tested, number of samples currently inflating and the total number remaining to be tested
  • Advanced data tabulation and graphing including histograms of burst volume and pressure, pressure v volume plot, pressure v time plot, ordered print outs, etc.
  • Ability to record observations or comments against samples
  • All-samples mode allows the user to save the full pressure v volume traces of all condoms tested
  • Custom fields to include your own information on print outs
  • Control chart mode allows the user to add files to a database, and compare them to produce data/statistics and graphs of means, medians, standard deviations, number of non-compliers, % non-compliers, and blox plots
  • Some versions include uncertainties in the calibration module
  • Software is available in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portugues and can be translated into any language using European characters.

Female Condoms

The AIS can be used to test female condoms and systems can be configured to test male condoms and use female condom interchangeable test heads, or be stand-alone female condom testing systems.

Test heads for most female condoms are interchangeable with the male condom test heads. Enersol makes test systems for testing Female Health Company Female Condoms, Cupid Rubber Female Condoms, Reddy female condoms and similar products. A stand-alone system is available for the PATH female condom.

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